about the foundation

About us

Belriguardo Foundation - your window on history and art.

Let us invite you for a fascinating journey through history, dance, music, theatre, cultural history and art.

Our mission is to discover, document and popularize knowledge about different historical periods, history of places and culture through dance, music, arts and crafts, multimedia, theatre and fashion.

We offer:

  • workshops
  • lectures
  • conferences
  • performances
  • presentations
  • dance shows
  • education and animation classes

We want to share our passion for culture, art and tradition, especially related to 'living history'.


Dance is our passion.

Historical dance is a base for our activities in (Not only) Courtly Dance Theatre Belriguardo.Our offer includes old dances: medieval, renaissance, baroque, 19th century, as well as ball dances and repertoire from the 1920s and 1930s.

Our performances are a lesson not only on dance, but also history of fashion, art and culture. Our dancers perform in carefully reconstructed costumes based on popular fashion of the presented eras.


(Not only) Courtly Dance Theatre Belriguardo offers:

  • Dance performances:
    • 'Medieval Unrest and Renaissance Lightness'
    • 'Courtly Mascarade'
    • 'Three Mascarades'
    • 'Live Paintings'
    • 'Bailarina Espaniola and a Gypsy Fortuneteller'
    • 'Night at the Museum'
    • 'Musicians House and Jan of Lublin's Tablature'
    • The mirror of Time
    • 'Dance History of Zhupan Dress'
    • 'We Are Retro - Dance and Music Like in the Old Times
  • Theatre and dance shows for special occasions and events.
  • Educational workshops
  • Historical games and animation activities
  • Historical fashion shows

We want to discover history through different activities. We offer inspiring shows, spectacles, lectures, courses and artistic workshops (on dance, theatre, crafts, painting, costumology, photography, music), as well as related to cuisine. We try to discover history also through multimedia technologies.


Our name - 'Belriguardo' - means 'beautiful view'. It is also name of a villa owned by 16th century Ferrara rulers, where prince Leonello took dance lessons from master Domenico of Piacenza. Domenico was on of the first masters of Italian school of dance. He created a dance of the same name - Belriguardo.

We cooperate with professional dance teachers, experienced dancers from Historical Dance Ensemble 'Belriguardo', historians, art historians, teachers, musicians and many other specialists and people interested in culture.